Parking Lot Ministry

parking lot ministryWhere does worship begin at Salem Church?  Surprisingly, it actually begins in the parking lot.  Each and every Sunday, the Parking Lot Ministry Team, made up of dedicated volunteers, has the distinct opportunity to make a positive impression on our worshipers.  This is the only ministry team that influences every person who drives onto our campus.  To regular attenders or members, they are the first to extend a warm, friendly greeting.  To guests, they are a very important first impression of our church.

The Parking Lot Ministry exists to make Salem a safer, more convenient place for people to fellowship and visit.  In snow, rain, heat or gloom of night, our Parking Lot Attendants are busy completing their appointed tasks.  Each Sunday you will find volunteers faithfully serving our congregation.  Their responsibilities include:

  • Managing the flow of traffic by ushering cars into spaces in a safe and feasible manner
  • Protecting the safety of our pedestrians
  • Ensuring that handicapped parking areas are only used by people with required stickers or passes
  • Providing easy access from the parking lot to the church building areas
  • Welcoming people with a warm, friendly greeting
  • Being aware of surroundings and reporting any suspicious behavior
  • Identifying potential problem areas in the parking lots and informing appropriate church officials

Be sure to thank all the other wonderful volunteers who make this ministry successful by dedicating their time each Sunday.

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