Senior Ministry

SeniorsThis ministry include the needs and interests of senior adults within the congregation and in the community. This information can be gathered by research, surveys and interviews, brainstorming by the planning committee, and by observation of senior adults. Remember, it is important to find out what the senior adults themselves would like in a senior adult ministry. One survey determined the following needs ranked according to importance:

• Love and appreciation

• Acknowledgement of usefulness and significance

• Acceptance and respect as a viable group by the church body

• Information and education regarding money, finances, wills and trusts

• Health information

• Transportation

• Counseling about spiritual and family issues

• Recreation

Keeping these needs in mind as we service these seniors keep us in complete focus. Senior adults need someone to love and appreciate them. Families have scattered, friends have died, and incomes are often limited. Concern and fear can become overbearing, but friends, spiritual help and Christian fellowship can bring renewal to their hearts and minds.

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