The Consecrated Offering


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Here at SALEM we strive to become people of genuine faith, pushing people closer to Jesus Christ and changing lives.
 In the late 1800’s people from all around the country went deep into mines searching for gold and silver. People are searching for something more, something more than this world has to offer. Families would sacrifice everything in an attempt to get just a small weight of precious stone. Their bodies were marked by the mines and their skin stained with filth. But they knew the greater worth. Through their sacrifice, the gold and silver was found, and in the end they held in their hands something of great value.

We are ready to dig deep, make a sacrifice and in the end hold in our hands something much greater than gold or silver — lives changed by the life changing message of Jesus Christ. We are excited to partner with you as we equip, expand and erase. Join us as we pursue the greater worth.

At SALEM, we believe in reaching people. In order to do that we need your help to raise the funds needed to further the vision of our church: helping people become fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ. This will take place in three specific ways: equip, expand and erase.


Yes – They must be! When you give to The Consecrated Offering, your gift should be over and above regular tithes and other offerings. Our normal operating expenses must continue to be met by your faithful tithe and offerings on a regular basis. These over and above gifts will allow us to accomplish the special goals of The Building Fund. In fact, if you are not presently supporting the general fund of the church with your tithes, we ask that you begin tithing before committing to The Consecrated Offering.

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